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Welcome to Website Traffic Deals! We offer real targeted GEO location Adsense safe traffic as well as other SEO website services. Traffic plans come complete with Google tracking links to track your site traffic statistics-- Google only counts real visitors to your site. Our site never sends fake or robotic traffic but always provides real visitors to your site! Pay per click advertising is costly, as high as $200 per click depending on your targeted category. As a quality traffic broker we obtain our traffic from basically the same place that Google does, but at a fraction of the cost. You do not pay for an impression but rather real clicks from real visitors to your site. No matter how many visitors you pay for you will recieve that amount (or more) guaranteed, always tracked by Google tracking. Other sites advertise impressions which only means that your site is shown whether or not someone clicks through to your site! We provide real click throughs to your site guaranteed!
Where Our Quality Traffic Comes From...

Our network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. Our current portfolio consist of over 10,000 websites internet wide, including 3 well known search engines, 2 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well known domain registrar which currently hosts over 9700 ad supported websites (expired domain traffic).

Our network currently consists of 50% pop-under traffic, 30% interstitial traffic and 20% expired domain traffic. There are 100 specific targeting categories to choose from.

This is not a traffic exchange site like TrafficSwarm or Topsurfer, sites that offer anyone an incentive to visit your site. The targeted traffic are visiting your site because you have added your site in a category they are interested in. We have millions of real targeted visitors in my database that is updated every day. 

High Quality Targeted Traffic
With all of targeted traffic plans everyone receives a Google Tracking link to check their stats.

Nearly 90% of the traffic out their is either fake or computer generated and Google will not track these visitors so this is why we supply the link as well.

No one is forced of influenced to click to your site but are all sorted out into categories because they are all real people who want to receive offers based on the category they select. The entire database is also updated every day with thousands of more interested individuals added constantly. 
With all the Premium Targeted GEO location traffic packages on this website your business is placed at the top ten percent of millions of advertisers and given the highest priority. This traffic is equivalent to the exact source that the major search engines are getting their traffic from but the difference is that I charge hundreds to thousands of dollars less!

With the cost being a little higher for the Premium Traffic offered here, the little extra cost is well worth it because it is basically the same that the major search engines are selling.

We also guarantee that you'll receive the clicks to your site that you paid for or I'll refund your money! Plus you are backed up by PayPal's buyer protection plan!
Avoid all those companies out there offering you something like 1 million visitors to your site for a ridiculous price such as $9.95. It's either fake traffic or for impressions.

The difference with an impression is that your site is simply posted on another site and doesn't have to be clicked (no visitor) where we offer the actual clicks (you get visitors) to your site with Google tracking link. 

Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted Mobile Website Traffic

Targeted Social Website Traffic

Mobile Traffic Is Becoming increasingly Valuable To Webmasters As Statistics Show More And More People Are Using Their Smart Phones to Search the Internet and Conduct Their Online Purchases On the Go. It Is Estimated That Approximately 70% and Above Are Now Making Their Onine Purchases With Smart Phones and These Stats Will Continue to Grow! So We Make Sure That We Have All of Our Bases Covered Here by Selling Premium Targeted Mobile Traffic Packages As Well As All The Rest! To View Our Available Targeted Mobile Traffic Packages CLICK HERE
We Have Targeted Premium Social Website Traffic From The Top 5 Social Sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Stumble Upon. You Can Choose A Single One or Select all 5 With Our Traffic Packages. All Social Traffic Packages Come With Google Tracking Link to Check Your Stats. To View Our Available Targeted Social Website Traffic Packages CLICK HERE
Offering Premium Targeted GEO Location Visitors. All Traffic Packages Are 100% Real Visitors, Google Adsense Safe and Come With Google Tracking Links to Check Your Stats-- Google Only Recognizes Real Visitors, so you are assured that your site gets hits from actual people who are surfing to your offer. Click below To View Our Available Targeted Traffic Packages

Premium Alexa Traffic

Guaranteed Signups

If you have Alexa Toolbar installed on your site and use this method for your tracking stats, order one of our Alexa Traffic Packages safe and securely through PayPal. Our system delivers a safe amount of 25-50 visitors per day. Be carefull not to use companies that deliver 1000's of visitors as Alexa may sometimes find this unnatural and your site may be banned! Alexa ususally updates their system every 2 months and in order to begin ranking higher you must advertise regularly and split your traffic to run on a daily basis. Some people think that by using Alexa one time that they will be on the top of the search engines, but the experienced Alexa advertisers know this is not true. So if you think that by using Alexa once and will be on top of the search engines, Alexa is not for you, Once you make your purchase below please include your website address to send traffic to and the GEO location where you want the traffic to come from in the PayPal notes section. Your Alexa Campaign will then be setup within 24 hours. Please choose the quanity of traffic by scrolling down the PayPal button below. For larger orders, please feel free to CONTACT US for pricing.
Guaranteed Signups for Those Businesses Offering A Work At Home Opportunity, MLM Program, or a lead magnet if you just want to build a list. The GSU's Are A Service Where Our Database Has Millions of Individuals Looking for One of the Above Offers and Works by A Process of Posting Invitations to These Individuals and Will Continue to Invite Real Visitors to View Your Signup Page Until the Desired Amount of Visitors You Have Paid for Signs Up on Your Landing Page to Recieve More Information. Your Signup Page Must Not Ask for Any Money Upfront or Credit Card Information. Once You Recieve The Signups You Would Then Follow Up With These Individuals Through Emailing or Calling Them and offering your Product/Service to Them Along With Pricing and anything else you want them to know. Please choose the quanity of signups you'd like by scrolling down the PayPal Order Button Below:

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Targeted GEO Location Email Campaigns

Expand your website exposure using our targeted GEO location email campaigns. We have United States and Worldwide targeted email lists updated on a daily basis with millions of real and interested visitors hundreds of categories. We will get the word out about your online business offerings! We can send small affordable email campaigns as low as 10,000 up to 1 million per month! You can send us a standard email to add to your account or in HTML with photos if you host your own photos. If you are interested in starting a targeted email campaign, feel free to CONTACT US NOW